Doggy Daycare

Our CONTACTLESS drop off and pick up for doggie daycare and grooming will be done at both front entrances, through our new gated intake areas! Staff will great you with masks and/or gloves


At this time we are allowing a maximum of 2 clients/visitors in our building.

All clients/visitors must use a mask while in our facility

Our Daycare Procedures

Our CONTACTLESS drop off and pick up for doggie daycare and grooming will be done at both front entrances, through our new gated intake areas! Staff will great you with masks and/or gloves 

Daycare dogs will be received on the right side of the building where we have a socially distant gate set up

Work safe occupancy limits have be put up in areas where staff gather

We will accept gear if the client would like us to take it for them -Buckets are to be sanitized after each dog leaves. Hands are to be washed and/or sanitized before and after handling dogs gear

All gear and dogs are sprayed down with ECOSOLVE CLEAN PETS CLEANER AND SANITIZER. This is a 100% organic, scent free antiviral natural sanitizer, derived from banana tree bark

Safe, Stimulating Socialization at Dog n' Suds

Our goal at Dog N’ Suds is to provide a safe, fun and stimulating social environment.  To do so, daycare dogs are set up in groups based on their age, play style, and size. While our daycare staff are not trainers, they are guides here to provide plenty of positive reinforcement for good manners and redirection from unwanted behaviors.

Behavioral assessment

To get started we require a minimum 15-minute temperament assessment for all dogs and puppies. This allows us to introduce your dog to our current daycare dogs slowly, so that we are able to get to know your dog and their needs better. Assessments must be pre-booked and can be done so over the phone. 

Our assessment times are 11am and 2pm Monday to Saturday.

You can find our online application below - please note the standard agreement in this application is to be signed in the presence of a staff member.

Requirements for doggy daycare:

To be eligible for doggy daycare our canine clients must be at least 12 weeks of age, follow our spay/neuter policy, be on parasite preventive, and be up to date on the following vaccinations:

  • Rabies
  • A Distemper and Parvovirus combo (example DHPPL or DHPP)
  • Bordatella (kennel cough)

**We also accept Titer testing as an alternative to annual vaccination but require seeing proof of vaccinations or testing at time of your assessment.

Flea/Tick Prevention

Program, Revolution and Advantage are three of the more popular varieties of monthly flea/tick prevention. If you have alternative parasite control measures in place, please discuss them with staff when scheduling your interview.


Your dog is welcome to come for an assessment any time after their last set of puppy vaccines.  However, we require dogs over the age of 6 months to be spayed/neutered to attend daycare. Male dogs that are displaying any of the following hormone-related behaviors may be asked to take a break from daycare until they are neutered, excessive mounting, lower tolerance or aggression toward or from other dogs. For more information on this please call the shop or stop in to talk to one of our pack leaders.


We have many different dog personalities in our daycare.  While we do not allow your dog to harass or be harassed by others, the nature of daycare means that your dog may meet dogs who are still learning appropriate boundaries.  To attend doggy daycare, your dog needs to be reasonably accepting of other dogs in its personal space.

Call us at : 250-751-2551 for more information or schedule an interview.

What your pets will get:

Multiple play sections

Heated indoor and partly covered outdoor space

Bella turf artificial grass

Low-impact rubber flooring indoors

Activity structures

Nap and break area

Optional Doggy Daycare Services

Available upon request; ask our staff about prices and schedules.

Call us at: 250-751-2551 for more information OR to schedule an interview.

1/2 hour walks 



Pick-up/Drop off (Weekdays)

Nail Trimming


Why Doggy Daycare?

Positively Channeling Your Dog's Energy

A few hours in the daycare can make the difference for dogs who are naturally active and curious.  Many dogs, especially younger dogs, get bored and restless when left alone for long periods of time.  Daycare can direct their energy away from annoying barking, your carpets and the garbage in favour of positive activities - playing with other dogs, exploring the activity structures or interacting with the staff.  

We work to get all the dogs playing or interacting on some level during their time at daycare, so no dog gets left out and they all have a chance to play with dogs of similar temperaments and energy levels.

Exercise Encouragement

Dogs with weight problems often end up dropping a few pounds at dog daycare.  Unlike home, dog daycare is constantly stimulating for your dog, encouraging it to get up and move instead of snoozing all day.

Safe Socialization

Going to daycare is like going to school; your dog will meet other dogs of all sizes, temperaments, and energy levels.  Dogs also come into contact with a variety of staff and get plenty of opportunity for human handling, both quiet and vigourous.  Learning to handle oneself in daycare will lead your dog to better interactions with dogs on the street, in the dog park, in training class and in the home.  The supervised nature of Dog n' Suds daycare makes it a very safe place for your dog to take its first steps in a multi-dog atmosphere.

Guiding Good Manners

Dog n' Suds daycare staff reinforce good manners, such as not jumping up, sitting before going through doors and positive interactions with people and other dogs. Staff aren't trainers, but we are guides. We provide plenty of positive reinforcement of good dog manners and distraction from annoying or destructive behaviours.

Keeping An Eye Out

Part of our job as daycare supervisors is keeping an eye out for injuries or behaviour that could indicate that your dog is in discomfort.  Dog daycare staff are certified in canine first aid through DogSafe.  This enables us to respond quickly and effectively to illness or injury.  Doggy play, like children's play, can lead to its share of bumps and bruises, but the guided nature of play in the daycare makes the risk of injury low.

Reporting Back

We want you to know how your dog's day went.  When you pick up your dog, you can find out how your dog handled daycare, if there was anything in particular the staff noticed and who your dog played with.  Dog n' Suds also regularly posts pictures of doggy daycare on our Dog n' Suds Facebook page; come check us out!