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Pet Grooming

Professional Pet Grooming at Dog n' Suds Nanaimo

Caring, Quality, Pet Grooming with Pizzaz!

Dog n’ Suds can accommodate all sizes, from the smallest of breeds to the largest of breeds. We treat your dog as though it were our own.

A certified professional groomer will give your pet the special care and attention they deserve. To keep up on current industry standards our staff attends grooming shows, training sessions, and seminars on a regular basis.

Miracles can happen.

Dog n' Suds professional dog grooming for all breeds in Nanaimo: before and after photos
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Dog n' Suds offers professional dog grooming services in Nanaimo. Our groomers are proficient with all types of canine coats and clips. We can give you something breed-specific or something appropriate for your dog's coat type and lifestyle. Many of our clients have dogs with special needs and we are happy to work with them to determine the best cut and treatment for their dog.

Dog n' Suds Nanaimo professional dog grooming for all types of canine coats and clips.

Our Facilities

The Dog n' Suds facility was completely replaced over the summer of 2012 and reopened in November 2012 with two dedicated grooming rooms. Along with the structure, our grooming equipment was updated with new tubs, dryers and tables.

We have crates for our dogs who need quiet time, but many of our grooming dogs prefer to hang out with us or in our attached yard (weather permitting). Grooming dogs who are also daycare dogs can also show off their new 'do' in the daycare play areas, at their owner's discretion.

Bathing Room

Our bathing room is the first room your dog visits in its stay with us. Dogs are bathed and dried in this room. This is also where they get basic coat cutting in preparation for the shaping that happens in the finishing room.

Finishing Room

The finishing room is, as you might imagine, where all the fine-tuning happens. This is where your dog's coat is shaped into its final cut.

Dog n' Suds Pet Services in Nanaimo: professional dog grooming with newly built facilities

Products Used

At Dog n' Suds, we use a number of products to ensure a clean, healthy coat. Many of them are from Nature's Specialties, a premium grooming supply company using natural ingredients. Nature's Specialties products are formulated to be gentle on coat and skin while cleansing both thoroughly.

If you have a special soap or shampoo you would like us to apply, we are happy to do so. Just inform your groomer and provide instructions on proper usage, if necessary.


Pricing will vary from dog to dog, even for dogs of the same breed. Size, coat condition, type and thickness as well as the behaviour of any given dog will determine the final price for a groom. We are happy to provide an estimate, but be aware that the final price depends on the time and effort the groomer has spent on your dog's coat. Mats, very filthy coats (requiring extended bathing), the presence of parasites and certain skin conditions can result in extra charges.

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Dog n' Suds Pet Services in Nanaimo: professional dog grooming for healthy happy dogs

Grooming and Your Dog's Health

Regular grooming is an important component of your dog's health. Ungroomed dogs are more at risk of injuries/illnesses going undetected and parasitism. Fleas are never fun for dog or owner!

If you put your dog on a grooming schedule with us, it will not only keep them looking their best; it will also ensure that they get a good examination by a second pair of eyes. We are not canine medical professionals, nor do we play them on TV, but if we see anything we think is unusual, we will ensure you are made aware of it.

Special Needs

Dogs with special needs may require specialized handling. Call us to discuss your dog's challenges and we would be happy to work with you to find a solution. We are able to accommodate a wide variety of dog issues, including old age (ask us about 'comfort grooms'), illnesses, injuries and triggers. As all dogs are different, it may not be possible to accommodate all challenges, but we will certainly do our best with advance notice.

Puppy Grooming

Dog n' Suds Pet Services in Nanaimo: professional dog grooming for puppies One of the most important things you can do for your dog is to start grooming early. Accustom your puppy to being handled, including ears, tail and feet. Bring it around Dog n' Suds for a visit prior to its first grooming appointment, if you can (ask about our Daycare services for more socialization opportunities). We all love puppies and want to start them off right in the grooming room.

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