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Teeth Cleaning


Dog n' Suds is happy to announce we are back up and running!
Daycare is open Monday-Friday 7:00-7:00 (pick up and drops are also available)
Our Grooming Department is open Monday-Saturday by appointment.
Nail clippings are available Monday-Saturday 9-4 - you can just drop by the shop!

Pet K-9 Oral Hygiene Association certified staff at Dog n' Suds Teeth Cleaning Services Nanaimo

K-9 Oral Hygiene Association certified staff at Dog n' Suds Teeth Cleaning Services Nanaimo: before and after dog teeth photos

The skilled staff at Dog n’ Suds take the oral care of your pet seriously and are members of the K9OHA Oral Hygiene Association, a Government registered program.

The skilled staff at Dog n' Suds are members of the K9 Oral Hygiene Association.

Consult With Our Certified K-9 Oral Hygienist At Dog N' Suds! Call Now For A Free Consultation And Quote 250-751-2551.

Did you know gum disease isn't just a human health problem?

Studies show that gum disease also effects dogs. And just like with humans, if left untreated, it can lead to more serious problems such as heart disease.

In fact, the more we learn about our four–legged friends, the more we learn that oral hygiene care is just as important to our pets as it is to us. That means brushing and regular cleaning!

Dog n’ Suds offers a natural technique of scaling, flossing, and polishing which does not involve general anesthetic. That means less stress for your pet and no groggy after affect, so less stress for you as well. Here at Dog n’ Suds we treat your pet with gentleness and respect while performing first-rate care that will prolong your pets life.


Did you know...

  • Gum disease is a very serious problem that can lead to heart disease in your pet. Good oral care can help your pet live a longer and healthier life.
  • Bones and pet treats alone won't keep your dog's teeth healthy; just like humans, most domesticated pets need professional scaling, flossing and polishing to keep their teeth in prime shape.
  • Dreaded "doggie breath" is usually the result of gas given off by bacteria that live in your pet's mouth! The more bacteria your pet has in its mouth, the more severe the odor. Good oral care can significantly reduce "doggie breath."
  • Referral to your vet may be necessary for certain cases; or if you prefer, we can work with your vet to provide quality oral hygiene care for your pet.

At Dog n’ Suds we have worked over the past 8 years with a large variety of animals. We pride ourselves in providing good, loving, affordable care to the dogs that we work with. We also enjoy taking time to educate the public about the importance of brushing, annual check ups and what can be done to help prevent calculus and tarter.